How to convince a client on the phone?

How to Convince a Client on the Phone


When you call a client, it’s important to be respectful to convince a client on the phone. You should never speak down to someone, and you should always be professional when speaking on the phone. If you do these things, your clients will likely be happy with the results. Here are nine tips to help make every conversation on the phone a success.

What to Say When Talking to a Client on the Phone.

When starting a conversation with a client on the phone, start with the right questions. For instance, ask about what services the client is interested in and whether you can provide them with a quote. Be sure to explore the client’s past experiences with similar companies and services to see if they are a good fit for your business.

Get the Client to Explain His or Her Interest in your service

If you want to sell your service, make sure to explain it in clear and concise terms. Don’t try to oversell your product or services; instead, focus on why customers should choose you over other businesses.

Get the Client to agree to buy your service

If you want the client to buy your service, be sure to offer him or her a low-cost alternative or set up a time frame for when they will be able to receive their benefits. You may also want to consider offering customer loyalty programs or discounts if the customer agrees to purchase your service from you.

Get the client To Follow Up.

Be sure to follow up after sales contact so that the client understands how he or she can continue using your company’s services and is likely happy with those options.


Phone selling can be a great way to make money, but it’s important to start with the right questions and get the client to agree to buy your service. Once you have them interested in your product or service, it’s the next step to get them to follow up and make sure they’re satisfied with the purchase. Thanking clients for their time and efforts is an important part of any successful phone sale.

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